Medical Student Roles

Medical Students

All class levels are eligible and encouraged to volunteer at the clinic.  Without you, there would be no clinic!  

There are multiple roles for medical students within the clinic:

Cancellations: Students may now sign-up to be a back-up volunteer for each clinic day, so if a registered volunteer must cancel, he/she is responsible for contacting the back-up. If there is no back-up and a registered student wishes to cancel his/her spot within 5 days of that clinic day, he/she must find another replacement by 3 days of clinic. If he/she is unable to, the cancellation will count as a no-show. After two such occurrences in one year, volunteering privileges will be removed. Appeals can be made to the Volunteer Chair.  Any student wishing to cancel should e-mail the Student Volunteer Coordinator at



The responsibilities of the MS1/MS2 volunteer include:

  • Work registration table
  • Triage and Talk to patients
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Present patient to MS3/MS4 volunteer. Observe/assist the MS3/MS4 volunteer during the history and physical exam, as well as staffing with attending physician.
  • Ensure the patient has necessary information, resources before proceeding to the Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy for medication and more education.
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The responsibilities of the MS3/MS4 volunteer include:
  • Review triage information with MS1/MS2 and verify/clarify any abnormal findings
  • Conduct history and physical with MS1/MS2 present in exam room
  • Staff patient with physician (with MS1/MS2 present)
  • Complete all documentation in patient's chart (mandatory information that must be included in chart will be reviewed in orientation the morning of clinic.) 
  • Review all patient visit documentation before obtaining staff co-signature.
  • Write all necessary prescriptions and obtain staff signature. (This may vary per individual staff preferences, you can ask the staff in the morning with your first patient what they prefer as far as who writes the scripts.)


Translator requirements:

  • Can effectively and comfortably converse with a patient in their native language. Translators should have a basic knowledge of medical terminology in the language they will be translating.
The responsibilities of a Translator include:
  • Meeting with and answering any preliminary questions of foreign language speaking patients who are waiting to be seen.
  • Ensuring that such patients are fully informed about patient confidentiality and consent practices of the clinic.
  • Accompanying any patient who prefers to speak their primary language throughout his or her clinic visit.
  • Serve as a conduit for communication between the patient and the clinic volunteers when appropriate. 
    • Interpretations to the patient and to other clinic volunteers should be as complete, accurate, and direct as possible.
  • Translate using formal and common syntax and should attempt to only translate the words and phrases spoken by the attending clinic volunteer or patient.
    • In the event that the Translator is unable to understand the patient, he/she should tell the attending clinic volunteer while offering what he/she deems is the most likely interpretation. The Translator should consult with another clinic Translator, if one is present, and offer to cede the case to him/her.
  • Ensuring that the patient fully understands and agrees with his or her final assessment and plan at the end of the clinic visit.
All Translators are expected to conduct themselves in a proffessional manner at all time and to not display negative personal reactions to the patient’s culture, beliefs, values, or immigrant status.
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The responsibilities of the Assistant to Clinic Manager volunteer include:

If there is one assistant:  

  • The assistant will be stationed in the waiting room and will:
  • Get charts for returning patients and supplies from the supply room
  • Welcome new patients to the Clinic with a description of who we are and what we do (see below)
  • Carry out any other duties per the request of the Clinic Managers
  • Assist with triaging patients into Legal Outreach Center or Clinic.
If there are two assistants:  
  • Assistant 1 will be stationed in the waiting room and will:
  • Get charts from the supply room for returning patients
  • Welcome new patients to the Clinic with a description of who we are and what we do (see below)
  • Carry out any other duties per the request of the Clinic Managers.  
  • Assistant 2 will be stationed in the Triage room and will:
  • Ensure smooth patient flow
  • Ensure that Triage stations are being adequately utilized
  • Ensure that MS3/4 are complying with 15-minute rule for patient encounter
  • Ensure that any needed supplies are available in the Triage room and obtain supplies from the supply room as needed for any purpose


Students of all medical / health fields are also welcome to get involved by joining a sub-committee. These include:
  • Operations 
  • Volunteer
  • Promotions
  • Education
  • Supplies
  • Development
  • Records
Find out more about these committees.

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